Digital Literature: Hypertext, Cybertext, Literary Play and Games

Last Update: 02.16.2008

I.  Web Works

English only (click here to go to the Chinese hypertext list):

Abrahams, Annie.  "Alone."  DOC(K)S

"Wishes."  Riding the Meridian.

Amerika, Mark. Grammatron.

Ankerson, Ingrid and Megan Sapnar. 2001. “Cruising.” Poems That Go.


Andrews, Jim.  1997.  "Seattle Drift."  Vispo.

----.  1998.  "Enigma n."  Vispo.

----.  1999.  "Spas Texts."  Vispo.

----.  "Arteroids 2.5"

"Webarteroids." (an early version)
or "Arteroids" (modified from "Webarteroids"), The Remedi Project, issue 11 (2001).

Baker, Laurie and Jared Tarbell.  2001.  "I'Ching Poetry Engine."

Biggs, Simon. 2003. "Book of Books I."

Blair, David.  Waxweb. *or CD

Bookchin, Natalie.  1999.  "The Intruder."

Brandon. (roadtrip episode) *project supervised by Shu Lea Cheng (鄭淑麗)  (homepage)

Bulhak, Andrew C. (1996a) “The Postmodernism Generator.”

Cadre, Adam. 1999. Varicella.

Instruction Page:

"Cave." (a collaborative project; video only).  Iowa Review Web.

(a demo version in QuickTime format)

Chang, Isabel. "Aspergillum Gently."

Coverley, M. D. (Marjorie Luesebrink).  "Default Lives." Cauldron 3.

(First appeared at:

Deemer, Charles.  The Last Song of Violeta Parra


telnet: 7777 (MUD / MOO)

Dillemuth, Jay and Alex Cory.  Holo-X.  (disconnected) (disconnected)

Harrell, Curtis "Nightmare Wanders Father Song." New River. Vol. 4.

Hines, Dirk.  "Facades: Portraits of New Orleans."  BeeHive 4.1 (March 2001).

Jugovic, Alexandra, Florian Schmitt and Hi-Res!. "Donnie Darko."    [disconnected]

Kendall, Robert.  Clues.


telnet: 8888  (MUD / MOO)

Larsen, Deena.  "Carving in Possibilities."  Frame 6.  trAce.

----, et al.  "Bubbles."

Lewis, Jason.  "Cross Purposes."  Digital Dirt.  Eds.  Arthur and Marilouise Kroker.

Lewis, Jason E. and Alex Weyers.  "It's Alive!" (a literary instrument).

Lialina, Olia.  1996.   "My Boyfriend Came Back from the War."  (Don't be confused with works of the same title listed on the same webpage).

Loyer, Erik.  1999.  "The Lair of the Marrow Monkey."

----.  2001.  "Chroma." (The second episode of "Marrow Monkey")

Lynn, Vicki.  Guardians of the Millennium.

Loudon, Annette.  "Skyline."  The Remedi Project.  Issue 1.
(or check out <>. See also "Cruising" in Poems That Go, Spring 2001/list-collective.htm)

Mateas, Michael and Andrew Stern.  "Facade. "

Memmot, Talan.  Lux.

---- and Mez.  "Sky Scratchez."

----. "Lexia to Perplexia."  Iowa Review.

Miller, Matthew. 1996. "Trip."

Montfort, Nick.  "The Girl and The Wolf."  BeeHive 4.1(March 2001).

Montgomery, Judith and Julien Moulin.  "Gallop."  Born Magazine.

Morrissey, Judd. "The Jew's Daughter."

Moulthrop, Stuart.  1991.  Victory Garden. 1991.

----.  1995.  1997.   Hegirascope 2.

Reveiw: Shuen-shing Lee, "How Do I Cool Down the Overheated Medium?"

----.  1999.  Reagan Library.  or CD

Review (1): Stacey Bailey, et al. “Reagan Library,” (the review is divided into 4 sections, respectively titled “Introduction,” “HyperTheory,” “Library of Libraries,” and “Panoramic Spectatorship.”
Review (2):, “Review of Stuart Moulthrop's ‘Reagan Library,’”

----.  2003.   Pax, An Instrument. 

Nelson, Jason W.  "Another Emotion."

----. "game, game, game and again game."

----.  "Series Poems."

---- and Roy Hering. "Poetry Cube."

Neverending Tale, The.

Nimoy, Josh.  "Textension." (a literary instrument)

Nobody Here.

North West Coast Printmakers.

Parker, Jeff. "A Long Wild Smile."

Review: Jeff Parker, "A Poetic of the Link."

Pryll, Richard L.  ca 1994.  "Lies."

Rackham, Melinda.  Carrier.

----. Aland.

Rettberg, Scott.  "The Meddlesome Passenger."  BeeHive 5.1 (Summer 2002).
Review: Robert Ford, "Scott Rettberg's Writerly Text."

Slattery, Diana, et al.  "The Oracle." Glide: An Interactive Exploration of

Visual Language.

Sorrells, Walter. 1995. "The Heist."

Spiller, Teo.  Esmeralda. [disconnected] 

Strasser, Reiner.  "la pomme" (The Apple)

Thomas, Geoffrey.  "Zigzag."  Storybeat.

Thuan, Duc.  "Identification."

Waber, Dan.  "Strings."

Weight, Jenny.  1998.   Rice.

Weizenbaum, Joseph. (1966) "Eliza."

Implementation of Eliza in Java applet can be easily spotted on the Internet.  Here's one instance:
Eliza in javascript:
Eliza in other programming languages can be downloaded from:
* Personally, I like the one located at the ending section of Nick Montfort's paper:

Zellen, Jody.  1997-.  "Ghost City."



II. CDs and Floppy Discs

Blair, David.  Waxweb.

CD (self-published) or  

Douglas, J. Yellowlees. 1993. I Have Said Nothing

Watertown, MA.: Eastgate Systems, 1993.

Jackson, Shelley.   Patchwork Girl .  Watertown, MA.: Eastgate Systems, 1995.

Joyce, Michael.  Afternoon, a Story .  Watertown, MA.: Eastgate Systems, 1990.

Kendall, Robert.  A Life Set for Two.  Watertown, MA.: Eastgate Systems, 1996.

Malloy, Judy.  Its Name Was Penelope.  Watertown, MA.: Eastgate Systems, 1993.

Moulthrop, Stuart.    Reagan Library.

CD.  Gravitational IntrigueThe Little Magazine.  22 (1999).